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How to Buy MUT Coins

Buying coins is easy. Just select your coins, enter your player information, complete your payment, post the card to the Auction House and that is it!

Choose the console you use to play Madden 2021 Ultimate Team.

Select the amount of coins you would like to purchase. Look out for the EA tax.

Enter your player details. Use a worthless card (usually bronze or silver) to place up for auction.  This is needed in order to deliver your coins.  We will purchase this card from the Auction House, transferring the coins to your account!

Complete payment and add the card to the Auction House where we can  purchase the card

Simply, set the “Starting Price” to 3500 and the “Buy it Now Price” to the amount of coins you purchased. And Set the Duration to One Day.

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Complete an online order for the amount of training points you want.

When your order goes through, you will receive an email with a certain player(s) details.

We will use this card to trade you in-game.

Once acquired, quicksell the card(s) to convert to training points!

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